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Wasilla, AK - Excel With Horses 4-Day Clinic

From June 24, 2017 9:30 am until June 27, 2017 5:00 pm
Categories: Horsemanship Clinics
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Wasilla, AK

Clinic Host: Deb Avritt
Phone: 907-376-2370

Co-Host: Francesca
Phone: 991-533-6865

General Info:
For stalls and general clinic info please contact the clinic host.

About The Event:
Excel With Horses Clinic
 Developing Confidence and Communication – On The Ground
 Developing Confidence and Communication – Under Saddle


This clinic is designed to be an overall learning experience that builds on several aspects of communication, confidence, respect, trust, impulsion, and performance. The clinic is open to people of all skill levels and disciplines, beginner to advanced are welcome. We also welcome horses of all ages and breeds. This clinic builds on concepts that take several days to achieve. The best format is to take the entire clinic. A minimum participation of 2 days is required. If your horse is not rideable or too young, you can take just the ground work class.

What you will learn:
• Confidence to overcome fears.
• Tools to keep your horse calm, curious, and respectful.
• Feel and timing to increase your horse’s try.
• Common mistakes of both the horse and rider.
• How to think from a horse’s point of view.
• What to do when your horse does the unexpected.
• How to accomplish incredible things with your horse.
• Key exercises to unlock your horse’s potential.
• Exercises to correct your horse’s bad habits.

Essentially we will be teaching you the building blocks for success!

Spectators are welcome - $20 per day – Discount for more than 2 days. (Bring a Chair and Warm Clothes)


Contact: Deb Avritt
Phone: 907-376-2370