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At Horse Creek Ranch we have an exceptional line up of lease and sale horses.  Our horses have a great foundation and are ridden both in the arena and out on the trail.  They are a great opportunity for someone to jump right in and learn the program on an experienced horse. 

One of the toughest things to do is to learn AND teach at the same time as most people do with their inexperienced horses.  Steve's Signature horses give you the opportunity to just LEARN!  For more information about our Lease Program and our Sale Horses.  Please contact us.


This is truly one of those 'dream' horses that everyone looks for.  Meet Zorro, our 9 year old Friesian Gelding.  He has been raised here on the ranch since a yearling and has been used extensively out on the trails and in the arena.  He is a very sweet tempered but talented individual.  If you are looking for talent, beauty, perfect temperament and that dream horse - then this is the one for you.


Price: $19,500  OBO.  (serious inquiries only).





TC was one of Steve's main clinic horses for a number of years.  During his career Steve used him to start colts, rope cattle, and teach at clinics.  He was most noted for his talent at liberty work.  He performed at hundreds of shows to crowds of thousands.  Steve has since retired TC from life on the road and now lives full time at Horse Creek Ranch as a lease horse. He has many special talents and is a great horse to be around.  He is especially good at adjusting to the level of the rider.  He never gives more than you ask for, but will give you everything if you need it.




Meet Titan, a 9 year old Friesian Gelding.  This is one of Steve's all time favorite horses.  Titan and him spent a lot of time together as Titan was growing up.  They were nearly inseparable.  Steve used him for everything that he did at clinics and expos for several years.  Due to this and his great gentle giant nature, Titan has become one of those once in a lifetime horses.  He is extremely gentle and loves to go to work.  He is featured on Steve's Body Control DVD.






Ruby has been on the ranch for a number of years now.  She came to us as a broodmare and is the damn of one of our best clinic horses, RED.  She has since made her way into the lease string.  With her talent and willing attitude she has become a favorite for our intermediate riders.  She is bred to be a reining horse, so they love to ride her smooth maneuvers.  She is great in the arena and out on the trail and gives a very consistent rider, every time.  




Sage is one of Steve's original 'project' horses.  She was one of the horses that led Steve to seek more options for training outside the 'normal' and even 'natural' methods.  It is partly because of her that Rother Horsemanship has grown into the versatile program it is today.  She has been one of the hardest horses Steve has ever had the opportunity to work with, but because of this, has become one of his best teacher and partners.












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